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Students finish Term 6 on 10th July and return 5th September

Great OaksSmall School

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Great Oaks Small School educates students for whom mainstream education has been difficult or unsuccessful for varying reasons. Many of our students exhibit behaviours or have diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Speech, Language and Communication Needs with or without high anxieties a minority will have social emotional difficulties that fall within our expertise. Only by having a detailed profile of a child followed by meeting a child and their parent/carer, can we make an informed decision as to whether we can accommodate their need. All potential admissions take into account the current needs of children already at the school, as a priority area. We are an independent school and as such determine our own admission intake for privately funded students. Students in receipt of an EHCP are governed in the first instance by the child’s Local Authority (LA).




Local Authority Funded Students:


In most instances the Local Authority will contact us directly to ask the school to consider your child’s admittance on roll to the School. We will contact parents if we could potentially meet your child’s needs. If at any time during the process it becomes clear that the School cannot meet your child’s needs, no further action will be taken other than notifying the Local Authority.

When parents contact us directly we will, in the first instance, discuss briefly, your child’s overarching needs. This will help us to help you in deciding whether to pursue Great Oaks as a possible placement for your child. We will usually invite you to the School for an informal meeting and arrange a follow-up visit to the school for you and your child. If at any time during the process it becomes clear that the School cannot meet your child’s needs, we will notifying you and make suggestions with the aim of helping you and your child look at schools other than Great Oaks.

If Great Oaks Small School is named on your child’s EHCP we welcome you!


Privately Funded Students:


When you first contact us we will, in the first instance, discuss your child’s overarching needs. This will help us to know whether we are able to offer what your child needs.

If we cannot, we aim to make suggestions to help you and your child. Based on the information shared, if we feel it is in the best interest of your child to invite you and your child to the School, we will suggest so. If on the other hand we believe it is better to invite you into the School without your child, we will request that this happens, in the first instance. 

After a guided tour of the school, the Head Teacher will invite you to an informal meeting to discuss your child's needs in more detail. If you and your child decide that Great Oaks is the school of your choice and the school agrees to the admission of your child’s name on roll, the Head Teacher will formally offer a place for your child, at the school.


Please see the school’s ADMISSIONS POLICY for further information